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Rafia Handmade Shoes

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Yakouta Style

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🔸 A women's cooperative based in Essaouira 🇲🇦
🔸 Handmade Raffia shoes & bags 🌾
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🔸 Sur mesure d´Accessoires en Rafya Export | Custom made accessories in Rafya Export
🔸 Cooperative Al Yakout li Rafya | Creation et Fabrication | Manufacturing
🔸 Rafia Shoes Raphia Raffia Wholesale Retail and Shop

Rafia Handmade Shoes

Shop  | Onlineshop | Wholesaling & Retail

Here you will found the most impressive designer shoes from Essaouira. Visit the showroom at the Medina  or shop online!

Bienvenue dans la boutique de chaussures de créateurs la plus impressionnante d'Essaouira. Visitez le showroom à la Médina ou allez sur notre boutique en ligne.



Founder of Mega Loft Essaouira

We own now. Outmane Hibatallah Known as @othmanchic The Founder Owner and Designer of Open Since 2014 the Place to be in #Essaouira, الحب#

Welcome to the heart of Essaouira, look what you can shop at Medina. Explore Handmade Fashion, Designer, Art, Jewellery, Stores, Shops, Artist's Gallerys, Restaurant, Hotels and many many more. We look forward to welcoming you to the Medina. Be our guest, we are open summer 2021..

Bienvenue au cœur d'Essaouira, regardez ce que vous pouvez acheter à la Médina. Découvrez la mode artisanale, les créateurs, l'art, les bijoux, les magasins, les galeries d'artistes, les restaurants, les hôtels et bien d'autres choses encore. Nous sommes impatients de vous accueillir à la Médina. Soyez notre invité, nous sommes ouverts été 2021...

Tissage Essaouira Medina

Shop | Weaving mill


Tous Sort de Tissage Marocaine

Weaving factory Essaouira

エッサウイラのメディナの真ん中に、Chez ABDELATIFがあります。織物工場では、お客様のご希望に沿って生地を仕上げます。

Handmade Fashion Design from Essaouira | Morocco

Fashion Design | Shop

By Naima Zadi

Ethnic textiles  💙 fashion & interior design

Hiya art de vivre | Le concept de l’Upcycling

Wholesaling & Retail

Ayoub Bouali | Créateur de mode

Fashion Design | Shop

First Fashion Designer in Essaouira

Showroom📍 Lotissement Azlef | 44000 Essaouira

Bijoux Anciens, Berberes & Touaregs | Objets Africains • Artisanat

Fashion Design | Shop

Mohamed Bouaidi

☎️ +212666164810

Galerie La Kasbah
4, rue de Tétouan 44000 Essaouira de Maroc

Lór Bleu
Galerie d´Art
Artisanat & Moderne
Rue Abderhman Eddakhli 44000 Essaouira de Maroc

Showroom 44000 Essaouira de Maroc

Redone Galerie
1 Rue Chefchaouene 44000 Essaouira de Maroc

Basar Nora Rami | Medina

Bazar | Shop

Cooperative, Feminie, Berbere, Artisanat, Marocaine 100% & Tatouage, De Henne

📍Rue la skala 12 | Essaouira de Maroc

Vous aimez les vêtements traditionnels Marocains? Au Bazar de Nora Rami vous trouverez des vêtements traditionnels et 100% Marocains avec une haute qualité, à des très bons prix.

هل تحب الملابس المغربية التقليدية ؟
 سوف تجد في بازار نورة رامي ملابس تقليدية و %100 مغربية , بجودة عالية و بأسعار جد مناسبة.


Commerce Equitable | Souvenir • Bags • Vêtements • Mode • Bijoux

Berber Shop Essaouira

Antiques Berber  | Tuareg | Driver Bags | Silver Jewellery | Fabrics


📍No 136 Av. Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah 44000 Essaouira

Jewellery | Shop

Magasin de bijoux Essaouira

Bijouterie INFITAH

Jewellery Medina


Hassan TALIB

Costume jewellery | Silver jewellery | Bijoux fantaisie | Bijoux en argent

Bijoux traditionnels en argent dans la médina

Kasami Bijoux

Creation | Fabrication | Vente | Reparation

☎️ +212611032268

📍Av. Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah No 52 | 44000 Essaouira

Si vous recherchez des bijoux berbères fabriqués à la main, vous êtes au bon endroit. Suivez-nous sur et trouvez les meilleures bijouteries d'Essaouira.

Trésor Nomades

Fabrication bijoux


☎️ +212670055871

Coopérative Bougie Mogador | Gazewa - Essaouira

Shop | Manufacture | Wholesale

Cooperative fabrication des bougies sur place et remplissage

Candles | Gifts | Room scent decoration | Lighting | Bougies | Cadeaux | Parfum d'ambiance | Décoration | Éclairage

Coopérative Bougie Mogador

Zakaria Toua

☎️ +212666166565

☎️ +212630140510

GPS📍31°27'12.8"N 9°44'28.3"W

a km 8 | 44000 Essaouira de Marocc

Moto Cycle Shop closed to Medina


Electro Hassan | Medina

Smartphone | Shop

Electro HASSAN

☎️ +212674771060

📍135 Rue Mohamed El Qorry 44000 Essaouira

Household goods in essaouira

Articles ménagers | Shop

Articles Ménagers | Haushaltswaren | Household goods

GPS📍31°30'42.3"N 9°45'26.4"W

Avenue Al Koutoubia | 44000 Essaouira

Produits pour animaux | Animalerie


Nos marques d'aliments pour chiens...


Abdelmounaim BOUFTIH

348 La Lagune 4ème tranche | 44000 Essaouira de Maroc

Divinus | Plus rapide | Réflexe| Royal | Canin | Basdog | Exel | Pluto dog plus | Cooper's | Diamant

Sale of Thuya Wood Crafts 🛍️ Silver Jewwelery • Carpets • Leather and many more..❗️

Playstation Videospiele Shop
Majdi Gaoing - Consoles Accessoires
809 Lot Azlef 44000 Essaouira dde maroc
Facebbok: momomaj330

Andalocy Parfums
Bab Doukhala No 69 44000 Essaouira

Babouche Shoes
La Gazelle Rose
Abdellah BOUAOUD
Av Sidi Mohamed Iben Abdilah 44000 Essaouira

Kasami Bijoux
Creation & Fabrication | Vente Réparation
Jamal: +212611032268
Ahmad: +212670238689
Hassan: +212661775447
Av Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah No 52 44000 Essaouira de Maroc

Commerce Equitable | Decor and more..
No 739 Derb Laalouj 44000 Essaouira

Thuya Shop Medina Essaouira
Vente et Fabrication des objects de bois du thuya
Rue Ichbilya No 105 BIN Laarassi 44000 Essaouir de Maroc

Thuya Shop
Radi Kamal
Vente Articles en Bios du Thuya
Rue Sacala No 13 44000 Essaouira de Maroc

Vente Articles en Bois du Thuya
Radi Ziad
Rue de Sacala No 15 44000 Essaouira

Vente d Artisanat de Thuya
No 77 Rue Mohamed Ben Abdellah 44000 Essaouira

Amajjarkou Bioshop • Herbes and Epices
Hule d´argan • Amlou • Hule essentielle • Moroccan Black Soap • Parfum musc ambre
No 22 Rue Attarine 44000 Essaouira

Wafra Shop | Art & Creation
Vetement Homme | Femme | Enfant | Article d'artisanat
No 18 Rue Skala 44000 Essaouira

CUIR Leather Shop | Homme • Femme
Chez Abdenaji
No 54 Avenue med ben abdellah 44000 Essaouira

La Gazelle Rose • Vente toutes sortes de Babouches
Abdellah BOUAOUD
Avenue Sidi Mohamed Iben Abdillah 44000 Essaouira

Cote Oriental | Artisanat | Et autres merveilles
No 24 Rue Scala 44000 Essaouira

All of Morocco's popular goods can be found in Essaouira's compact and uncluttered medina. Local specialities like thuya wood, vibrant local art, raffia shoes and organic argan oil, the country's liquid gold. All handmade and traditionally produced.

  • What can you buy in Essaouira?
    • Moroccan leather
    • Argan Oil, ...Olive Oil, Dates, Olives, Spices
    • Fabrics and Carpets
    • Interior Decoration
    • Thuya Woodwork
    • Pottery
    • Djellabas Traditionell | Modern
    • Babouche Shoes
    • Moroccan pastries
    • Art
    • Fashion
    • Silver jewellery
  • What is the best thing to buy in Mogador Morocco?
    • Handmade Fashion from Designer mixed traditionell modern Design
    • Rafia Handmade Shoes
    • Berber Silver
    • Carpets
  • Is it cheap to shop in Essaouira Morocco?
    • The exchange rate to the Moroccan Dirham is 1€ = 10 DHR. For 10 Dirham (1€) you can enjoy a coffee. A sandwich costs 18 DHR (1.80€), a taxi ride in Essaouira no more than 20 DHR (2€), as does a pack of cigarettes or a beer.
  • Is Essaouira safe?
    • Essaouira is one of the safest places in the world and one of the most hospitable. Essaouira is a peaceful international community with the highest security standards in Morocco, where every guest is welcome.
  • What can I take home from Essaouira?
    • Many shops send your purchases to your home by post. DHL, for example, is on site if you want to ship to Europe within 72 hours. You can buy everything in Essaouira at very reasonable prices: Fashion, furniture, art, souvenirs, woodwork and argan oil. Everything is handmade and often natural. That means no chemicals or machines. Made for you with extra love and passion.
  • What kind of food is available in Essaouira 2021?
    • In Morocco, at least one tajine is eaten every day. You will find a wide choice of traditional restaurants in the medina or in the city. Fish restaurant, pizza or fast food. There is also a delivery service to the hotel. You will also find selected vegan restaurants or fusion cuisine in Essaouira. You can find a selection of the best restaurants here.
  • Can I drink alcohol on the street in Essaouira Morocco?
    • Morocco is a Muslim country. Respect dictates that you should avoid drinking alcohol in public. You find some bars or shops for drinks and more..
  • Can I buy alcohol in Morocco?
    • You can buy alcohol at the Carrefour supermarket, or in restaurants & hotel bars with an alcohol licence. There are also 4 alcohol shops in Essaouira near the medina selling wine, beer and spirits.